Qatar Mobile - Your #1 Mobile Service Center in Qatar

Established in 1994, Qatar Mobile can boast of being one of the first mobile distributors and mobile service center to begin operation in Doha, Qatar. Today, after 26 years of operation, we have reached a landmark that many other mobile operators failed in and we can boast that all the experience we’ve gained, combines with our drive to succeed to make us one of the best mobile service centers in Doha and Qatar at large.

Qatar Mobile is a part of a larger company “Arabian Construction and Engineering Company,” who is set out to redefine the construction and engineering sector in Qatar and other Middle East countries. ACEC is owned by Sh. Hamad Jassim Mohd. AI Thani. Having survived years of unparalleled service provision, Qatar mobile has today become an authorized service center for Samsung, Vodafone, and Apple iPhones.

Our Core Values

As a team that values every one of our customers, we’ve set the following core values to guide our operation with clients at all times:

Customer Support

To us, the customer is king and should be treated as such all the time. To this effect, we’ve raised a team of industry professionals and put them just a phone call away from you, to help you out of any trouble.


Qatar mobile was founded on the core value that customers are kings and should be treated as such in all extent.To us, our customers are worth more than money, so we put them and their interest first.


Integrity drives all our actions because we believe it is easier to develop a relationship with our customers when they trust us. So we work hard to do what's right at all times.


This core value is the reason we've made it to the top of the Qatar mobile service scene. We find energy, creativity, and confidence from practicing positivity and optimism

When we say we are number one

We mean every word of it.

Over time, Qatar mobile has succeeded in building a reputation that’s worth talking about. First, we worked as a service center to a number of reputable mobile brands and now, we’ve become a key distributor to most of the big box retailers in Qatar, helping them reach their desired market in Qatar.

Most clients choose to work with us on wholesale level because of how well we can blend flexibility, excellent customer support, and the most competitive prices to help customers reach their goals. We handle VIP repairs, home visits, and door delivery, so you can trust that whatever your need, we can handle it with the greatest level of expertise.
When we say we are number one, we mean every word of it. We’ve served as reliable partners and distributors to top mobile brands as far as Qatar is concerned.

Years of experiences
Devices Repaired
Satisfied customers

Here at Qatar Mobile

We do not seek to remain like the ordinary Qatar mobile service centers you know.

​Here at Qatar Mobile, we do not seek to remain like the ordinary Qatar mobile service centers you know. Instead, we work hard and put in the right level of dedication to bring the needed redefinition to how mobile service is handled in Qatar. To this effect, we strive daily, and beyond our means to get every one of our staffs updated with knowledge on how to handle the latest technologies needed to fix your mobile phone. ​

When mobile phones, tablet or other gadgets breakdown, owners want to find experts that will offer topnotch repair in the shortest possible time. If not, they may dump the mobile brand for one with easily accessible repair services. This is where we come in, helping top mobile brands in qatar reach the mobile users that might urgently need to repair their devices. We have been in the business of mobile repair for decades, all the while assembling a team of expert mobile repair technicians that can get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our Team

As a team, we understand what it means to be a top mobile service center.hence, we’ve positioned ourselves where we can help mobile brands reach their goals..

We have a team of mobile repair experts that have seen it all as far as mobile faults and repair issues are concerned. From smartphones that have dived into a pool, to tablets that have been run over by a car and we are prepared to handle any problem your mobile device throws at you.

Every of our Mobile technician here at Qatar Mobile passes through series of intensive training processes to keep them updated with latest repair technicalities, so no device is new, and no technology is too complicated as far as we are concerned.